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If you haven’t seen a LiveGood opportunity presentation yet, you’re in for an eye-opening experience. Our presentations showcase how LiveGood’s top-quality health and wellness products can enhance well-being and offer income opportunities. Join us to explore this world of possibilities and unlock your potential for a brighter, healthier future.

Five to Thrive

We need a whole new mindset, and I’m going to teach you that in “Five to Thrive.”
We have a five-word script:
“Have you heard of Livegood?”
“$10 membership that saves you money.”
“Let me send you a five minute video that go over it”
That’s it.
Talk to five people a day, five days a week.
If you do that, you will thrive in a year.
By those numbers, you will have five people a month joining your business.
Would you like 60 matching bonuses a month in a year?
Does helping 60 people get healthy in the next year sound great to you? Let’s do this.

Network Marketing Lobotomy

Our approach is straightforward. We interact with individuals, sharing information they aren’t aware of. It’s simple.
“I’ve found a way to get premium supplements at wholesale prices.”
“I found a way to save money.”
“Saving Money is Sexy”
‘You have to Believe”

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  7. Plus, explore even more features as you read on…

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