Livegood Children’s Multi-Vitamin Gummies

Livegood Children's Multi-Vitamin Gummies

Livegood Children's Multi-Vitamin Gummies

✓ USDA Certified Organic

✓ All Essential Vitamins

✓ Supports Brain Development

✓ Vitamin C and Zinc for Immune Support

Support Growing Bodies

Raising a child is challenging, and getting them to eat healthy foods can be even harder. Predatory food companies are targeting our kids with artificial ingredients that make foods attractive and addictive. This is alarming! As parents, we need to take extra steps to ensure our children get the nutrients their growing bodies need, which they often lack from their diet.

We understand the frustration and the many questions that arise: Why are 30% of children overweight or obese? Why do they lack energy? Why are they sicker than ever before? The answer often lies in the quality of food and the ingredients in our food supply. Unfortunately, most vitamin companies haven’t adequately addressed the specific needs of kids—until now.

The LiveGood Children’s Organic Multi-Vitamin Gummy is both kid and parent approved! It’s tasty, so you won’t have to fight that daily battle. It’s USDA Certified Organic and contains only the highest quality nutrients in the most bioavailable forms. Plus, it’s extensively third-party tested for contaminants like metals, mold, yeast, bacteria, and pesticides to ensure they are clean and pure.

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